Game world

Historical context

The action takes place at the specific historical context and starts way a few years before the War of the League of Augsburg. At the throne of of England, Scotland and Ireland  - James II and VII, France - Louis XIV, Spain - Charles II, Denmark - Christian V, the Stadtholder of Holland - William III of Orange. Political situation is clear for all those gamers who interested in games by “Captain Blood”, and it's apparent that the alignment of forces in Europe will change significantly (Glorious Revolution, War of the League of Augsburg). It will affect the situation with giving out of corsair’s patents during the war (France is against everyone with neutral stance of Danish West Indies, accordingly the hardest part of playing will be for Frenchman).

All Caribbean territories divide according with historical situation in the world. Christopher Monck is Governor in Port Royal. We will meet our old cirrhotic Henry Morgan, who will be die and may be bequeath something for us (it depends on gamers actions) - William Kid and William Dampier. As about other corsairs of that period we can pick out Michel de Grandmont, Nikolaas van Hoorn, Laurens de Graff, Thomas Tew, Henry Every, Jean-Baptiste du Casse. If France declares us public enemy famous in France Jean Bart may come here for riot suppression.

А bit of mysticism

We plan to stay within of unbelievable but not impossible, something that was missed by our history for example because of too less information. There will be a lot of African cults at the game, we will see the birth of voodoo – it’s fantastic art of creation zombies; loa and veve, bokors, houngans and mambo.

Moreover, you will find the reflection of East African hoodoo (transmigration of souls) inside the plot of the game.  From the north-west Gulf of Mexico borders on the area of distribution of peyote and the resettlement of Indians who know how to use it (best regards from to Don Castaneda).


Significant place at the story will be allotted to profit, revenge, corruption by power, secret societies, the conflict of various Christian denominations, missionary work, the Inquisition, the colonial mentality, the struggle for freedom, and natural theories relevant to the 17th century (The Noble Savage).

A lot of Africa and African influence. South: cannibalism in Guinea. Also, there are awaiting you: comprachicos, leprosy and smallpox, breeding by black planters gladiators. Also, you will see the beginning of the struggle for the rights of blacks in terms of moral imperative.


There were a lot of changes of moral principles during 300 years. And that’s why sane man of today will be like milk-and-water girl in the realities of the 17th century. For that period, it was normal: public executions, torture, and other forms of violence. We want to pay attention all that facts and pick up the fate of the protagonists accordingly.       

Choosing the character – man or woman (with two different independent story line), native country: England, France, Spain.

Geography of the world and locations

There is procedural generation coast, corresponding to the map of Caribbean, limited from the south by the mouth of the Amazon, from the north by modern New York. There are about 200 locations. Group of locations are limited by impassable territories (cliffs, jungle, swamps, mountains, city walls). Seamless walkthrough of groups of locations is provided. Geographically, the sea is bounded from the west and south by the Spanish Main, from the north by the (temporarily (!) deserted Coast of North America. By the east (temporarily (!) will be procedural restriction which doesn’t let you go far from Windward Strait.

 Among the locations you can find: runaway slaves-maroons settlements, snowy slopes of volcanoes, the Feathered Serpent temple, mangrove ducts, entry into the mouths of the largest rivers (like Mississippi), several locations of the Old World…